frequently asked questions


What is the work about?

The work is about adding consciousness to the unconscious so suffering can be transformed, shifted, transcended. Or better: making the embodied experience of being a conscious creator. Trauma, certain events, disease or simply the feeling of being lost and without purpose can create an unpleasant life experience. The work is about shifting perspective, making a different experience, integrating the new reality and embody a new being to attract and co-create a new life experience.

Can I prepare something?

To have an open heart and mind. For private sessions it’s helpful to approach it on a more or less empty stomach. Most importantly: to approach a session with the desire to change.

What do I do afterwards?

Good to drink water or tea afterwards. Maybe journal. It helps to take things slower right after to really become aware of the changes and to actively support the process of implementing. The change itself doesn’t need to take time, or be slow. This happens right away.

Who should do the work?

Anyone who feels called to do it and who feels ready to make a change in their lives. There are no limitations, all it requires is the will to get better/ to change. If you don’t consciously want to change, then the work is not for you.

Why the work?

There are many answers to this and each individual has it’s own story. I even find the why not really that interesting. Many people from all different kind of backgrounds are able to do this work. It’s possible you experience suffering, it’s possible you lived a pretty good and happy life until recently where things started shifting and now you don’t know how to proceed, it might be that you always felt lost and unfulfilled. Maybe you don’t even know why and you just follow a little voice inside of you.


What can you expect from doing the work?

For this I like to quote Albert Einstein: “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” So that is the tricky part of the work and actually the most relevant part of it. That you train your mind. So coming with mind created expecation into this work is then the first thing that needs to be the actual work to create results. So I like to say that it is first better to just come with an open heart and mind and the will for change. At the same time to have the highest expectations for a better life possible so you are able to create it.

What is happening in the process, and that has been scientifically proven, is that a coherence in the brain waves is created. As everything is energy, everything is vibration, the coherence that is created is what is called then the healing and the possible improvement of life experience.

How does a single session look like?

Every session looks different and everything is a con-versation. So I can’t give you what you don’t want for yourself. It doesn’t need to be conscious though. We start with a conversation where you tell me about your situation and I get a hint of what would be great to work with. Energetic work, channelling, breath or talking. Or we end up with a mix. I like to include music and sound in my work. At times during in person sessions somatic bodywork is included in the treatment. We end with a conversation where you can tell me about your experience and form a strategy for integration.

Please find the infos about the mentorship and the group program on the relevant pages. In case of any additional questions, feel free to reach out.