1:1 Mentorship

private container


Everything I offer has the intention to connect you to your source of life. I am the bridge between your desire and what you want for yourself and life force energy. The willingness to surrender to the softness, beauty and bliss of the higher force is the foundation of the work. It’s a mystical experience or science. Research is showing that we alter our brains with this consciousness work.

When you are ready to surrender into the unknow, when you are ready to take risks, face fears AND to experience real love, real abundance and real connection: this container is for you.

Conscious evolution in the form of this private mentorship is a love relationship that unlocks the highest potential and guides you to a deeper understanding of your true essence with which you create the life that you desire.


Where are you at?

Are you ready?

A mentorship is the most intimate way of working with me. It is deep and transformational on a highly individualized level. All aspects of life are taken into account in great detail and with a very customized approach. With a variation of modalities I guide and work in the fields of consciousness to unlock your highest potential. All my unshared attention, presence and care finds it’s way into this container. In between 1 – 3 months up to a year we examine your current life situation and bring it to the next level of your evolution.

What’s included


During these calls we work with some of the modalities that I provide. This can be either spiritual guidance, embodiment exercises or energetic practices.


Guidance and check up’s via messaging in between the calls.

Energetic support

Joining the container of a 1:1 mentorship comes with energetic support in the quantum field.