What I apply in my work


Love as  a first principle

I am a multi-dimensional being and by design in constant expansion. I trust that this happens within divine timing, for the highest good of all and have that awareness as an integrated part of my work.

Everything is a con-versation.

I am in alignment and in infinite love with the present moment expanding towards my vision.

It’s work because it’s the unknown.

I honor and am conscious that I am only able to see so far as an intrinsic part of being human and that I face, integrate and embody whatever is revealed to me in divine timing and with divine guidance.

I devote myself to something that is greater than myself.

Creating oneness over and over and over again.

I honor only my highest expression and timeline and hold- be with- am –  the present moment in grace, beauty, infinite love and compassion.

I am the embodiement of both forces- negative and positive, masculine and feminine in equal measures.